Jacky Cheung - 我等到花兒也謝了 (English translation)

English translation

I've waited for so long, that even the flower has withered.

Everybody is asking me what am I actually waiting for
Is it not enough, to wait after all the four seasons have passed?
It is actually because a part of my heart is missing
I'm waiting for it to be returned by the one who took it away
Everybody is saying, that this type of love is inconclusive.
I also know that you'll never be able to love me.
What I just hope for, is that you'd think of me from time to time
However bit by bit, you slowly speak no more
When I cannot fall asleep, would there be someone next to me?
When I'm upset, would there be someone who'd comfort me?
When I want to talk, would there be someone who understands me?
When I cannot forget about you, would you care for me?
Do you know, do you know I've waited for so long that even the flower has withered...
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Author's comments:

Such a sad story! This is such a touching example of "Saudade"!