突然心动 (English translation)

English translation


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Title: Suddenly
Artist: Daniel Chan
Translations By: thelonemoon
The setting sun’s slanted rays hung at the street corner
I lingered right by your front door
Already, the words foolishly start to form
I only want you to understand
I don’t want anyone else in my eyes
* A single blade of leaf drifted onto my chest
* I then realize that it’s now late autumn
* I kept planting the seeds with my heart
* Your delicate smile
* Enrapture me in enchantment
* My heart is touched and moved by you
* Your smile is like a rainbow in the horizon
* The forever I spoke of—it’s not an impulse
* I will treasure every minute of you
* Suddenly in love, it’s so different with you
* My world overly filtered out the sorrow and pain
* The forever I spoke of—it’s certainly valid
* I let this moment stop... here in my heart
The forever I spoke of—it’s certainly valid
I let this moment stop here... in my heart...
In my heart...
In my heart.......
In my heart............
Submitted by thelonemoon on Wed, 08/11/2017 - 17:36
Author's comments:

I believe the other translations online have a few core mistranslations. This song is of love and promise--not of confession and sorrow.



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