Nana Kitade - 螺旋 (English translation)

English translation


Sighing at 2 a.m.
Phone on hold for a while
Because you spilled the truth
Those unexpected words are echoing
'Always together,' he said.
Who was he back then...?
You're right, it's a boring thing.
I understand.
But I can't disappear.
Don't laugh.
Now it's different.
I'm pierced with love.
Chasing a wish
The feelings of a relentless heart.
Wait... don't go.
If you weep, is it over?
After all, we can't go back.
This I know.
'Cus real life:
It's not sweet.
The enveloping warmth
And suffocating scent
Wavering memories
Can't you make me feel at ease?
Surely, if we met by chance
We'd regret it, right?
But it's not over.
These thoughts...
Just go and imagine a spiral.
I'll feel this way forever
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