袖手旁觀 (Xiù shǒu páng guān) (English translation)

  • Artist: Chyi Chin (齊秦)
  • Song: 袖手旁觀 (Xiù shǒu páng guān) 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Transliteration
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袖手旁觀 (Xiù shǒu páng guān)

寂寞讓人盲 思念讓人慌
多喝一點酒 多吹一些風能不能解放
生活有些忙 堅持有點難
閉上一隻眼 點上一根煙能不能不管
妳最近好嗎 身體可無恙
多想不去想 夜夜偏又想真教人為難
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Sit by

Loneliness let someone blind,Missing let someone panic.
Drink a lot of wine,more winds blow me,Can I emancipated?
My life is a bit busy,Insist on a bit difficult.
Closed my eyes, Light a cigarette- Can I ignore?
How are you recently?Are you in good health?
I really want don't think,night night always think again- really embarrassing let me.
Close my eyes then Your face in front of me going round and round.
How I should to forget you?
Unless we from the beginning not once loved each other.
Your recent situation slowly from my friend spread to my ears.
What conditions that I can sit by(do nothing).
Unless you say leave me,You never feel regret.
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Author's comments:

袖手旁观 It's a Idiom=put the hands in the sleeves and look on
Means:: look on and do nothing/look on unconcerned

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