사이 (Sai) (English translation)


사이 (Sai)

내가 너를 알게 되고
몇 번의 시시콜콜한 얘길 하고
조각나버린 병실처럼
멍하니 너를 기다리고 있어
그렇게도 저주하고
슬플 걸 알면서도
네가 날 구하러 와주길
다정한 목소리로 참 잘했다고
행복하게 잘 지내라며
우울하고 허전하고
여전히 네가 나를 잡을 것 같고
어젯밤도 지금 이 순간도
나만이 잠들지 못하는 것 같애
그렇게도 목을 매고
죽을 걸 알면서도
너는 날 버리지 않았지
다정한 목소리로 좋아한다고
행복하게 잘 지내자며
니가 내게 울먹이며 말을 해
미안해, 널 볼 수가 없다는 말에
이제 네가 보여서 널
안아야 하는데
왜 대신 들어오는 건
시퍼런 가위 뿐인가요
이제 네가 나의 눈을 가리네
태연해, 근데 자꾸 움츠러들 때
어떻게 널 원망해
지금도 우린 이어져 있고
그건 네 잘못이 아니잖아
이제야 필요없다 말하기엔 너무 늦었어
이미 새빨갛게 물든 나의 손목을 봐
언제부터 네 안에서 난 자꾸
견딜 수 없게 돼
이제껏 너는 나 뿐이라고 속삭였던 것도
내게 이름을 지어주곤 미소짓던 것도
다 안녕, 이 모든 게 다
잠깐 왔다 갈 사이였다고? 우리
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English translation


I got to know you. and
Told you countless, derailed stories
Like a fractured hospital room
I'm blankly waiting for you
Even as i curse you like that
And know it will bring sadness
I hope you'll come looking for me
And tell me with a kind voice.That i did the right thing
And ask now i've been
It's gloomy and lonely
It seems like you'll still hold on to me
(but) Last night and even this very moment
It seems like I'm the only who can't sleep
I hang myself like that and
Even as i know i'll die
You didn't throw me away, did you?
In a kind voice, you tell me you like me
And say let's live happily
As you're about to cry, you tell me
"I'm sorry, i can't see you," but with those words
Now you can see me so
I should embrace you, but
Why is it that i just pull out
Sharp scissors instead?
Now you cover my eyes
You're so calm, but when you break down
How am i to resent you?
Even now, we are connected
That isn't you fault, you know
Now it's too late to say you don't need any of that
Take a look at my wrists, already stained scarlet
From what point was i unable to stand being within you?
Couldn't stand it
Even until this very moment. You whisper,"You're the only one for me."
You would call out my name with a smile
Goodbye to all that, everything
You said we were only a momentary relationship? We
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