연인들의 이야기 (Yeonindeurui Iyagi) (English translation)

  • Artist: Lim Soo Jeong (임수정)
  • Song: 연인들의 이야기 (Yeonindeurui Iyagi) 3 translations
  • Translations: English, Japanese, Transliteration
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The story of two lovers

Blindly I like you,please stay next to me
I want to say so many things but the passing of time is too bad
From afar a miracle is crying,someone is leaving
please stay next to me forever,I hate break-ups
Blindly I like you,please stay next to me
sitting like this,without saying anything ,two people who soak their hearts
outside the window ,the wind is blowing,someone loves
we should give and accept this kind of love,I hate break-ups
I hate break-ups
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연인들의 이야기 (Yeonindeurui Iyagi)

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