Xavier Naidoo - 20.000 Meilen (English translation)

English translation

20.000 miles

We are 20.000 miles above the sea
Sons as far as the eye can reach
Let us grow like an army
Look at what happens to us
You showed us ways, You lead us out of the valley
Answer the prayers 20.000 times
Give me the next morning
Wake me when I sleep
Make us huge like an army
20.000 miles above the sea
We’ll persist here, let it happen
And when the winds are icy
By nights they’ll see us from afar
And (they’ll) hear our songs
Heavenly ways, they lead us out of the valley
Show your care 20.000 times
1.000 good years are in store for us
So show what we are capable of
Turn my door into a heavenly gate
Through which one brings golden offerings
It’s about my life
I lay it into your hand
Come towards me
In our Holy land
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20.000 Meilen

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