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Ay, yo Godwin (oh my god, Godwin good)
ay, haha, oh my Godwin (oh my god, Godwin good)
yeah, my boy Godwin (Godwin good, haha, Godwin good, yeah)
yeah, that's my jit Godwin, yeah, that's my jit Godwin (bitch)
yeah, that's my jit Godwin (Godwin, yeah)
Godwin, that ain't my thing though (Godwin, huh, Godwin)
will you shut the fuck up?
Godwin cook up a beat on no melody (oh yeah, he did)
nigga, what the fuck you thought you telling me? (gang, gang, gang, gang)
in the store fuck your hoe named Penelope (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I got that cash but I really need more to see (yeah)
just beat up like 4 niggas, Jodeci (gang, gang)
pullin up in a van, smoking tree (yeah-uh, yeah)
nigga said that he got plans or something (yeah, yeah)
I'ma pull up with 4 bands or something (yeah, yeah)
I'ma pull up blowing O's (ay)
nigga the fuck, I fuck these 4's (uh-huh, yeah)
cash me another check, I'm on death row (gang)
he don't wanna duel, blow for blow
can't touch my Juul, get your own
I got that tool, no Handy Manny
bad bitch was an Asian, can't understand me (hmm)
that hoe was a Haitian, the ground was shakin
cooking up Crab, bitch, I serve from the basement
yeah, that hoe was so ugly, she might need a facelift
yeah, that bitch got her tummy tuck, she be a thicky
I run it up, run it up, whole gang be with me
only sprite in my double cup, I tote the semi (green)
if these niggas won't run it up, I won't be friendly
cause that nigga don't wanna be an enemy of me (gang)
remember Penelope, she was on my D (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I rack up the bankroll, I love that green
when she look at my cash flow, It's so obscene (yeah, yeah, yeah)
AK on me, came with that beam
came with that glaze like Krispy Kreme (gang, gang, gang)
I'm high for days, I don't drink lean
our oxygen, they like these leaves (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I'm up like Yo Shindo, if a nigga want step up to me, then I'm fighting him
that nigga want his gummies, he needs vitamins
I got these virgins, I'm cumming inside of them (bitch)
I got these wrongs but now I be writing them
I'm talking right like direction (do it, bitch)
fuck on a hoe, don't use protection (gang)
he got a beam, mirror, deflected (deflected)
gang, she ran up on me, the whole team might gang bang (bang)
and bitch I feel like Batman how I came with batarangs (swang)
started off from rags to riches, now I'm on to better things (swang, swang)
bingo, walking around like Mandingo (swang, swang, swang)
cause I got that swang (ay)
Swang, swang, yuh, swang, swang, lang (ay, yeah, gang, haha, yuh)
the fuck bro, oh shit
yo, I don't give a fuck, this might be trash though, but whatever


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