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  • Lina Makhoul

    ٣ سنين → English translation

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Three years

Time has passed
I can't go back three years
But tell me
Doesn't it bother you?
But tell me, how can you compensate me?
You struck a match and burned
The best years of my life
You sprayed me with gasoline and blinded me
A worldwide stage set to 100
If only it could...
Listen... give me, give me the beat
5-star first class
With Hollywood stars raising a glass
4 countries in two weeks
I write 3 songs in a couple of days
I'm alone and selfish in my artistry
So what? In the end, you say I'm like a thousand 100s?
In your belief, you thought I had a royal life because of you
But let me remind you
That you're a vain person, your goals are just Instagram moments
Easily, you struck a match and burned
My biggest dreams
Inhale or taste your own hypocrisy
With your words, you stripped me away
A worldwide stage at 100 speed
I'm tired of you and this illusion you keep perpetuating
5-star first class
Drinking from the same glass as Hollywood stars
4 countries in two weeks
I brought three songs with a touch of magic in two days
Maybe you thought you could break me, but ha, I'm strong
Just watch how I replace you and find someone better, a hundredfold
5-star first class
Hollywood stars will raise a glass with me
With 4 countries, I'll buy a house
And write any kind of songs as I please
I'm alone and independent, not a puppet in your hands
One and genuine, not a counterfeit, I'm authentic
I'm alone and independent, and I swear I'm resilient
But after the word "alone," I get tangled up in all the messiness.
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٣ سنين

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