Kettcar - 48 Stunden (English translation)

English translation

48 Hours

You entered the room
And we knew
Me and my pride knew
Shortly it will be over
You practiced the sentences
You have to understand
A once in a lifetime chance
Tearfully you enter a higher league
An infinite love
Versus those few hundred kilometers
And if all of this used to a dream
It is nasty, because here it goes
And one third fuel, two thirds gas
And this is nothing yet
And a kiss
And a train to Berlin
We are not made for
Lying to ourselves
And 48 hours can be enough for anyone
But not us
Always do what your heart dictates
Always what your heart dictates
And bury it where the river curves
Always do what your heart dictates
I need way more wisdom in me
I know for sure, your heart is good
And mine is turning to stone
One last witty line in the end
"Didn't know from the beginning"
"Couldn't have guessed from the start"
What was and is
Comes and lasts
We don't regret it
That's the truth
The bottom line is
We don't regret it.
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