7 de Mayo (English translation)

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May 7th

[Intro: Alba Mary Balvin]
That your name, Jose lights always people face
That between Jose and J Balvin don't exist difference
[Verse 1]
1985, May 7th
A middle neighbourhood in Medallo, went out this cock
With the sweat on the forehead, on hands calluses
I comprenheded without roots don't turn out stems
Walking over Fatimas' streets
The Mothers's buddies with tears
Ey, aspirations of crook
And for things in life I ended up being singer
Without networks, without press, the thing fraught
Pope with braids, with Maxi under arm
A lot of people used to rate us clown
But I was a king from my mom was pregnant
To Arabe your brother was killed by a shoot
But learnt by sung
Everything in life step by step
On my mind the word "success" obscured failure
I learnt to browse the tide
From Poblado to the Francisco Antonia Zea
I was so Nea to the rich, and so rich to the Nea
All beautiful although the thing was ugly
Never I got the word "envy" learnt
And first the family, sacred as bible
Never cross the line
Because you can finish as Gaviria (Gaviria)
[Interlude: Álvaro Osorio]
Follow always the advise of your father
That against all appearances
What left of men is the word
[Verse 2]
Yah, Yah
Who would say the boy singing at barbershop
Who used to stay in the corner, as Los Cangris dressed
And I knew dream
Yankee was who gave me the prize of global icon
A colombian doing reggaeton? What a shit
But I saw everything with clarity
I loved stages from the first time
Katherine regrets being my ex
But zero grudge, conversely, appreciation
For teachers who gave me knowledge
But I'm clear, I'm not lie to you
I will be a legend without need of a monument
And I got through anxiey, also depression
I got through by falsehood and bad of heart
Thanks to my mom I put myself in prayers
And Nowdays I don't lack the motivations
In my room meditation
To I never lack connection
If I dead, they don't remember the tight
But the buddy who has left his legacy (His legacy)
[Interlude: Daddy Yankee]
The leader's purpose is always create a new leader
I'm so proud of you and glad of what
For what we sacrifice much
You are now flying so high
So still breaking, brother, I'm so proud of you
And from icon to global icon, a lot respect, daddy, you deserve it
[Verse 3]
That I was player, that I did trios because it was cold
With thousand girls I was, ja
To the most saint I have lied
That I did things without meaning, I know
But It didn't me more man
I was a kid scared in the mess, ja
And although I have never been of uproar
Some people has wanted to stain my name
But are more who love me, more who support me
Diana, you know we got out of pot
God bless you and has you as gem
I know my music sollar you
I grew up listening to JAY-Z and Beyonce
And Nicky, Yankee, Ñejo de Ponce
I dreamed up recording with them and so
What I dreamed come true I was eleven (Eleven)
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7 de Mayo

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