Nancy Ajram - El Donya Helwa | الدنيا حلوة (English translation)

English translation

Ad-dunia helwa

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The world is sweet
And we live the sweetest years when we're in love
We forget that which passed us and life our lives
Dedicated to love
Every love is two
Gathered in love, melting
What are you worried about and why are you thinking
This lifetime is just two days
Forget that which has gone forever, forever
Don't get irritated
Get happy a little and laugh a little
Like this you can raise your spirits
With my heart sing as well, as well
Make your songs reach every place
And if I must right now I'm alive
Because I say no more distress
The world is sweet
Love changed the meaning of the universe througout,
form, taste and color
Sweetness grows, not separation
I feel like I will fly
We are the ones who are good in love
We have become at ease
Pass and cross in order to cross
And be at ease from your thoughts
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El Donya Helwa | الدنيا حلوة