Xavier Naidoo - Alle Männer müssen kämpfen (English translation)

English translation

All men have to fight

All men have to fight
that´s what i´ve been told
All men have to fight
that´s what I am saying to you
Many Humans have to die
and I pray I am not among them
many men are gonna die
and I hope you gonne forgive me if I´m among them
Nobody knows who´s gonna win the battle
Take care of you
and your unbron baby
I don´t know
if I will see you again
and I even don´t know
if I´m gonna survive the battle
I am gonna wait here for your return
I believe in you
saving me from the death
You will see your child in my arms
because I beleive we´re gonna survive
I look at you and I make myself believe in
the war is ending - some time
then I will return home to my wife and my child
I will find you, even if I am deaf and blind
Then they told me
all men have to fight
I only gonna say this to you:
many men will die
and I pray I will not be among them
Many men will die
I have to see you again , I have to see you again
The war is over
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Alle Männer müssen kämpfen

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