Xavier Naidoo - Alles (English translation)

English translation


I have waited long enough for a wonder to happen
And (I’ve waited long enough) for someone to come who really loves me for
What I am and who finally give me
What I deserve and does not wait for what I have to give first
I know it’s not our fault and not yours either
The others are not the reason as well, and me neither
It’s the circumstances
Which were long before established and (which long before) have been standard while we
Nearly blinded by lust and hunger for this life
Took everything it had to give
And exactly this naive pursuit
For everything is the reason of the complaint and (the reason why)
We are guilty anyway though we are children
We carry the guilt which nothing and nobody can lessen
Condemned to hurt which nothing and nobody appeases
Didn’t we do it this way but didn’t try to prevent it either
We can try to find out where the things lead to and where we would be standing
If it wasn’t for our sins announcing their return
There’s not much left of our reasons
It was comfortable but it’s not quite enough
I dare not say so but for days I’ve been pondering
About the question if there is an agreement which is really peacable
And if this agreement is common and (if not) why not
No matter how far I go or run I know I won’t
Reach the aim of our dreams, the fight is over
The burden is as heavy as lead but it’s all the same now
'Cause I won’t forgive you and you won’t forgive me and they won’t forgive us anyways
The favor is lost anyways and no art
Of any guild will save us from this morass
The torso is decaying and the senses are dull
No trump will us stop from going down now
We’re broken and have allured ourselves into the trap
There is a God
When you believe that this was all
Your faith is broken and you’re close to the abyss
So you remembered that the chock between us
Is a lie, a trap, because every little detail
All of it is over, just don't believe that this has been everything (very unclear, „all“ can be a part of „alles“ and the same time mean „All“ - universe)
And even that this is a part of the universe
Do not believe that this was everything
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