Bushido - Alles verloren (English translation)

English translation

Alles verloren

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The ghetto is flowing through of my arteries
I blame you for it, father
That the Cops were at our place then
Like me half of this crap nation behaves
We’re used to the hot drop on the cold stones
Stop telling lies
Wie will not break open locks for it
And the SLK (Special Commando of the police) won’t kick in doors for it
Finally tell me, when will Ali be out of jail
At least I hope to give you some strenght with this song
I am the one who brakes rules
And you are stopped because you’re driving an AMG-Mercedes as a foreigner *
You’re only dirt for them and they lock you away
And one tell me that I do not act politically correct
How much they’d like to lock me away in to a cell **
Because the mass following me only cosists of criminals anyways
You are just discontet
That’s why you want to forbid me to speak
I don’t like to keep my mouth shut
Can you see the ghetto?
Can you see it?
Can you see in the ghetto how everything repeats?
Cause she los everthing
Can you see the tears?
Can you see them?
She’d only like to escape everyday’s life
She’s waiting for her chance
Can you see now how he loses the job?
And then say to me again I would not look ahead
We have lost everything
For your parents now the nightmare in person
That’s gangsterrap, because I rap for some millions
Yes, the critic, he speculates
And I offer some help to him now, I am previously convicted, antisocial and tattooed
Booter County raps the boy about jail
When hearing the echo I feel like an unwanted guest
False laughter since they hate me
I would ____ gross envy ***
Yes, I am the kind of guy who grabs into checkouts at the supermarket
You want the real life?
Than let me fully express
I can do more than breaking open car doors
Can you see how the blanket of clouds fully closes
My whole lifestyle will bring me to hell one day
You could wish me death
I just want the seventh heaven
But I find myself in seven mortal sins
That’s seven, boy
This is the seventh album
I still keep the attitude
I have chosen this way
and even if it may be stony
**** it! I will even walk this way by foot.
what do you want to tell me?
you’re a bunch of victims
a bunch of victims that have just been freshly vomited
I give a **** for how much money I already made
I will stay this boy who once dealt (with drugs) forever
I do the lessons, the lessons for the lower class
Shut the **** up, nobody will disturb me
They try to put me off of this way to rap
While they have given up hope for us long again
You can lead me away
100.000 crimals who buy my album
Kann you feel this power?
You can lock me up
You can observe me
This boredom compels me to be provocative towards you
There’s no competition
I **** your conspecifics
I am back now, there’s aggressive shooting going on
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Alles verloren

Sciera    Tue, 19/11/2013 - 21:10

I've corrected typos and some wrong words in the lyrics, you may want to update your translation.