Amo (English translation)

English translation

I love

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I love what I see and what you hide
I love what you proove or what you insinuate
I love what you are or I imagine
I love you in the oblivious and what is mine
I love what you give, what you hide
I love your questions, your answers
I love your doubts and certains
I love in the simplity and the complexity
I love what you say, what you hush
I love your remembers, your forgot ones
I love your odour, your perfumes
I love you in t he kiss and the distance
I love you for what you love, I love you
I love for real love without 2 edges
I love and If I could not love you
I know I would love you the same
And I love what you love, I love you
I love for the love to give you mine
I love you with the pride of caring at you
Because I was born to love you
I love what you are and what you can do
I love what you affirm, what you deny
I love what you say, what are you thinking
I love you in what meters are you and what heavily you are
I love what you catch, what you leave
I love your happines and your sadness
I love you body and heart (body and soul)
I love you your crysis and your calm moments
I love what are you asking for and what you're giving
I love your sweet touches, your offendings
I love your instants and your "forevers"
I love you your heaven and your hell
Submitted by mister Xazos on Thu, 10/01/2008 - 22:00