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You work a lifetime to pay your own tomb stone,
you hide your face behind the paper,
You walk like a robot in the subway corridors,
nobody cares about your presence, it’s up to you to make the first step,
You'd like to talk without putting the blame on others
Impossible to move on without your body armour little word play here. the idea of blaming someone is expressed by the image of a bullet you redirect. so you need a body armour to save yourself from others blaming you
You'd like to give your eyes to justice as she is said to be blind
Impossible to rape this woman full of vices these lyrics are full of wordplays well, violer means rape but violer la loi would be break the law and as we're talking of justice, this might be worth considering
Antisocial you lose your cold blood
Rethink of all these years of service
Antisocial coming soon the years of services as to speak the years of nursing homes or else
Finally the lost time that you can never catch up with
To trample on people has become your hobby
While muddying them you get embarassed
In your desperation there's still a little hope
Of seeing people without make-up and less fake
But stop explaining, rather make a fist
Move away from your retirement, you're way is too perfect
Relift the puss, I'm there, you're not alone
Those who envied you will judge you today
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