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Anton aus Tirol

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Singing that, or going to a place where you could sing it loud without being made leave would be regarded as highly embarassing by people who have just the slightest hint of a taste. Maybe ski people don't though.
Nevertheless, here it comes. Please grit your teeth.
Anton from Tirol (Tirol is a tiny, autonomous, German-language Region in Italy. It is usually associated with a remote and rural mindset. [edit:] Not to forget the bizarre dialect that made machine translation impossible)
I'm so handsome, I'm so great, I'm Anton from Tirol
My giga-lean calves are madness for the girls
My build is a wonder of nature. I'm so strong and wild, too.
I do it hot and cooled by ice, when i wave my butt,
the hares (girls) scream SOS and want Anton from Tirol.
(Chorus end)
Blue glasses, celery, this Anton never needs this.
No Tatoo, no shoes, no piercing too and no cheers.
I'm not a softie, I'm not a Tiger, Girls, a guy like me has never been there before.
(repeat Chorus)
In the Evening I went to Discotown with my 15 Girls, because only I can win
Oh, i have never been so handsome. I let all the boys stand in the rain. (idiomatic, means: have them had ignored, presumably by said girls)
Nobody is left, great. Oh, am I handsome [O, is he handsome
strong boy, i'll never get enough of you. Come here and do it with me my Tirol bull.]
(Repeat Chorus)
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German (Austrian/Bavarian)

Anton aus Tirol

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