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    Anton aus Tirol → English translation

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Anton aus Tirol

I am so beautyful , I am so terrific,
I am Anton from Tirol.
My mega-slim calves, are making all the girls crazy,
my physique, is a wonder of nature.
I am so strong, and also wild ,
I do it hot, and icy cool.
When I whip with my butt, all the bunnies are screaming SOS,
and want Anton from Tirol.
Blue pill, ginseng root, Anton never needs those,
no tattoo, no blabla, and no piercings, no yahoo!
I’m not a softy, I am a tiger,
Girls… a guy like me, there has never been!
Evenings then at the village disco, I show up with fifteen babes,
because I’m the only winner, o yeah, i was never before so beautyful
leave all the other boys out in the rain,nobody is so beautiful, ahh I am so beautiful!
Strong boy, I never get enough of (from) u, come here and cuddle with me . You are my Tirolean steer
Original lyrics

Anton aus Tirol

Click to see the original lyrics (German (Austrian/Bavarian))

loki226loki226    Tue, 15/02/2011 - 15:45

Whomever wrote this translation has horrendous german spelling. Brille is not Pille. The second means pill the first means glasses. There are numerous mistakes in the spelling so do not try and translate it yourself based on the german presented here. Listen to the song and take the german as a base for a better translation.

ScieraSciera    Wed, 13/09/2017 - 14:53

The source lyrics have been updated.
Mainly formatting and spelling was corrected (all umlauts and ß had been missing), but there is also one change of meaning: "Brille" -> "Pille"
Please review your translation.