Ara beni lütfen (English translation)

  • Artist: Kenan Doğulu
  • Song: Ara beni lütfen 8 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, #3, #4, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Russian
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call me please

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maybe you are unaware,you have heard everything
maybe you feel ashamed,you have become wretched
maybe your charge has been run out of
or we have been run ou of(over)
call me please
i need to hear ur voice,although you tell me fairy tale(it is phrase we use it for telling lie)
althoug ur story has collected awards
although i have loved you so much,forget me please
although i have got angry to you,call me please
has it snowed to the mountains which i have hoped(it is a phrase we use it when sth happened which we didnt even expect)
have there so much anger inside of you
to say 'i have already said it',i have leant by heart to go
does person do this to his\her lover
know that i have so many reasons,you have lost me
any more i dont have my walls in my pocket
Seni çok sevmiş olsam da, unut beni lütfen
Sana çok kızmış olsam da, ara beni lütfen
Umduğum dağlara karlar mı yağdı
İçinde bu kadar öfke mi vardı
Ben demiştim demeyi, ezberledim gitmeyi
İnsan sevdiğine böyle yapar mı
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Ara beni lütfen

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