Zardanadam - Ayna ayna söyle bana (English translation)

English translation

I think this is "Mirror Mirror Tell Me"

I wish I bury my head to sand,do not hear this disgraceful voices
wherever I go,there are their breath in my nape
I dont crack,I dont burst,I dont jump every s*** which I see
I eat my guiatar but I dont swallow ready tablet
you made mecold from music,you made my heart dry
you got my childhood dreams and hit the ground
I opened you my soul,I shared my loneliess
instead of hold my hands,you chained me
Ayna ayna söyle bana var mı bizden güzeli,(mirror mirror,tell me,Is there anyone more beutiful than me?
I became escape from my shadow since I got tired of this work
mirror mirror show me,Is there any exit?
I became afraid of myself since l enter this work
writes,draws,eveyday someone was sacrificed
be crushed,be puckered,it sees forum and became lion
even I say ''i dont care these,who cares?'' dont belive
there is knot in my throat,my neck is bent,my heart is drawn
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Ayna ayna söyle bana

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