B.U.G. Mafia - Ai grija de smenaru' tau


Ai grija de smenaru' tau

6 o'clock in the morning I enter the door
She appears and asks:have you been with some babe?
Baby I'll get crazy if I weren't in the studio
Me and the guys are working something new
But I know she won't believe me, she knows me well
She reads me from her looks, the scandal goes without saying
She knows that I'll always lie to her, it's not the first time
She'll catch me and I'm gonna do it again
This is me,that's the way Ilike to live
She forgives me all the time because I love her
By my side she has money, power and respect
She has all that she wants,when she wants
As long as she's my girl, isn't it?
Only her is my girl
No matter what's gonnna happen, only her is the queen
And everything I'll do she keeps me strong
I know that without her I'll be in prision
Spune-mi, poti sa iubesti un borfas?
Spune-mi, poti sa iubesti un baiat de oras?
Many people told you that he's not the good choice
Because of him your friends don't call you anymore
Your mom says that he's just a thug
But you already know it, that he's a city boy
And stlll he knows how to do it, how to treat you
That when he's with you to feel like a queen
He makes you smile when he's coming with a flower
But he makes you cry when he has to much money in his pockets
When he dissapears by days
And you don't know what is happening and you are mad
On notes phone numbers from *****es
You ask him what's with them
He's says you don't worry
Despite all this you know better
That whatever he'll do he comes back to you
So , beautiful tahe care of him
Because in your heart nobody is the same
For all the thugs and the woman thugs from the hood
I have a word:don't change
For womens especially: always keep your head up
No matter what will happen your thug is the best
Even if sometimes he'll come home drunk
Maybe in one morning you'll have the cops at your door
He'll lie to you saying that he was with the guys drinking beer
But he was seeing *****es with the guys
He'll curse on you,he'll beat you
He'll be taking drugs non-stop
He'll cheat on you, he'll hurt you
Still you forgive him
No matter what's gonna happen, he loves you
You are his girl and without you he'll go crazy
He'll be always on the police station
He'll steal,he'' beat
With the thugs he goes out,
with the thugs he'll die
He has been lived his whole life
With the guys in the hood
You'll never change him
But you remain the same
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