Xavier Naidoo - Bevor du gehst (English translation)

English translation

Before You Go

- Look at me once more in the eyes, baby
- Before you go
- I'll be able to believe it
- When you no longer stand in front of me
- Now it's so far gone
- You'll never return
- Believe me, many are sorry
- All of those who honour you
- Your chains are bound (not sure of this)
- No one will see you again
- Now wherever you travel to
- I'll go to you yet again
- So you must've added it up
- It's not only me who suspected it
- For you don't have the deeds
- That correspond with the path that you'd cleared
- Yet how everyone believed in you
- Everyone went to you
- Those who so many robbed
- Shared their greed with you
- Lord, let me fight with them too
- Those who prophesized (if that's a word) your eternal fame
- For they somethinged and fantasized that
- They would rule the world with you
- Now soon no one will vouch for you
- You're alone night and day
- There can only be a little
- Very little life in you
- The sellers and the buyers were yours
- They look at you
- And now they flee in multitudes
- They are robbed of their clear intellect
- That they had, with the security
- Of death, so firmly believed in you with
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Bevor du gehst