Estopa - Como Camarón (English translation)

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Como Camarón

Greater than I
is the force that leads me
in the pulse I maintain
with the darkness that dyes
your black eyes dark.
And what do you have to say about the time
that passes by in the blink of your eye,
that brings me around this street
of bitterness and bemoaning.
I know that the smile
drawn on my face
has to do with the breeze
that fans your gaze.
So slowly and so fast,
so normally and so strangely,
I break open my shirt
like a prawn.
You break down my insides,
you crawl over me like a spider,
you drink the sweat that fogs up
the glass in my room.
And then in the morning,
I wake up and have no wings,
I lay asleep for ten hours
and my pillow is drenched.
Everything had been a dream
very real and very deep,
your eyes have no master
because they're not from this world.
I do not want to look at you
but I just close my eyes
and even see you on the inside,
I see you on one side and on the other,
in every photo, in every mirror.
And on the metro walls
and in the eyes of the people,
even in the hottest of soups,
I am going crazy.
I know that the smile...
And sometimes I get confused
and sting your neighbor,
that one on the second [floor]
who sells fine goods.
Sometimes I wait for you
at the bar on the corner
fixating on the front desk at your [place]
sometimes I take
a bite out of the world,
sometimes I feel you
and sometimes I knock you down,
and sometimes I read a kiss on your lips
and since I do not dare
I cut and spread myself open.
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Como Camarón

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Dawn    Tue, 10/08/2010 - 12:19

Hi bedroomeyes! Regular smile I just wanna tell you that, in this song, the word 'Camarón' is used as the name of a Spanish singer, not a prawn. Even so, great translation, thank you for submit it! Regular smile