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Corazones (English translation)

  • Artist: Daddy Yankee (Daddy Yankee)
  • Song: Corazones
English translationEnglish


what heart, huh?
what are you made of?
You know...
If looks would kill
I would always use a ???
A cure would acompany me
Following me in a caravan
If it were up to my enemies
to the table they would bring me
a malicious, bitter person (??? a caloquialism I'm not familiar with)
they will crucify me in an act of crude homicide
but they are mistaken, my God will reincarnate me with health and life
If it was up to the government
the ??? would not exist
we throw them in a cell and give them the death penalty
There exists he who tramples and he who helps the human being
There exists a good friend as loyal as a brother
Blood is thicker than water, but measure it well
There exists dirty blood, take heed of Cain & Abel
Because there are
Hearts with envy
hearts with wrath
hearts with fury
situations of millions of hearts
with fear
sincere hearts
fighting (warrior) hearts
treacherous hearts
I jumped from the capital of crime
And in the air I perceived
a sprit of death that devours that which is alive
If it was up to me, I would reunite all of the little towns (neighborhoods)
Promoting a truce in the name of all those who have gone before us
Without fear, I would direct them
My people, only here am I brave...
I ask you do not spill any more innocent blood
fix things like men, and do not kill each other
but I know that it is a lost dream
like seeing the three parties (political) united
fighting for the good of Puerto Rico
they don't see that education in the neighborhoods is not good enough
they need teachers, need materials
to raise more leaders and less criminals
there are hearts there with personal problems
if it were up to me, I'd send them back in time
I would heal all of the wounds of the teachers body
I would stop the hands of that century with his lance (stop the attacker from stabbing him)
And for this act, they would have to give me death
They would bring him down from the cross, a dying man
but he had to die, to save the world
because there are
hearts with envy
hearts with wrath
hearts with fury
situations of millions of hearts
with fear
sincere hearts
fighting hearts
treacherous hearts
In this world there are hearts...
That grow wise in their own opinion
but they sink in the end
because they walk on the road to perdition
there are hearts that do not pardon their brothers
but you know
that God will not pardon their sins (without repentance)
There are hearts that help others without asking anything in exchange
And for their nobility they find daily progress
There are treacherous hearts
Who like to cheat sincere hearts
but the latter is more valuable than all the money in the world
And there exists that evil heart
that torments us with fallen angels
but there is one, more powerful heart, that protects us
that was never and never will be defeated
And he who looks and who finds Him
Will be forever blessed
take refuge in wisdom
situations of millions of hearts
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Idioms from "Corazones"
Guerrero90Guerrero90    Thu, 24/11/2016 - 01:51

Translation is horribly wrong in critical places such where vibora de carne y vinagre de bebida is translated to "a malicious bitter person". Look it up on Google if you don't speak much Spanish because vibora=snake and the whole thing means: snake for meat and vinegar to drink.

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