Oli P. - Deine Liebe (English translation)

English translation

Deine Liebe

Can you remember the time we had
In the beginning before the ship started to sink
We were floating on cloud number seven and were enjoying life
And we were asking ourselves how beautiful it can be
To love a human being
Who’s always there, when one needs him
Where it’s always clear that he believe in you
That he understands you, even when you’re not understanding anything at all
Gives you strenght, pulls you out of the dirt with his love
Ungreatful, like I was, this is clear to me now
That I have destroyed everything, that was sacred to me
(I suppose the original text says „ein fehler“) A mistake that I comprehend
You have to know that my heart only beats for you
For your love I will do everything
You are my life’s elixir, I draw strenght from you (sounds somewhat creepy.. sorry.. help!)
For your love I will do everything
My life lies in your hand
I am missing the luck, that connected us
I’ve decieved you, lied to you, twisted your feelings icecold (?)
Provoked your departure, until the clouds came over us
And the result was that you suddenly dissappeared
I understand, what I did, was without intention, because
I knew, how much I like you
And nevertheless I broke your heart
It was a time, where I got lost (?)
Thoughtlessness spread itself, because I liked to drink alcohol
Now I am handing around and think about how it has been
Broke your heart, didn’t know that I broke mine too
Look at me, I am a wreck without you
Come back, because I love you
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