Hadise - Deli oğlan (English translation)

English translation

crazy boy

wherever i turn, i see your face, you are always everywhere
there is an attraction whose secret i cant know, which has captured me very tightly
what happens if i think or i dont think what was it that made me crazy
what happens if i resist or i dont resist he selects all my companion, lets go
come on crazy boy, get wrapped around my waist
above all, let you kiss the girl on lip
assuming that it happens and it falls from her lip to her heart
it burns with skin, gets full with soul, and above all if it gets cooked with love
Düsünsem nolur düsünmesem beni çilgina çeviren neydi
heart feels heart
Hadi deli oglan hadi belime dolan
Hele bi öp bakalim kizi dudagindan
wont it happen,its all that i want from life
try please i cant help myself you have seduced
its dance with fire, dont miss it, it is a chance
love loves danger
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Deli oğlan