Die Toten Hosen - Man



You ask me what my name is
'Cause you don't know who I am
I'll tell you all about myself
Then you'll understand
You wish that we were strangers
But I've got other plans
I'm your lover and your best friend, your biggest enemy
I'll stab you in the back while you are shaking hands with me
Im nothing that you wanted but I'm everything you need
I'm good and I am evil
I'm love and I am hate
Sometimes I am the real thing
Sometimes I'm a fake
I'm honestly a liar
I'm your history, your fate
I'm the hunter and the hunted, I'm always on the run
I'm cowardice and courage, anxiety and fun
I'm always out there searching but I never know what for
I'm the winner and I'm the loser in the same sick war
Now you know my name
Now you know who I am
I am you, you are me
My name is Man
I talk about my feelings with a mask upon my face
Declare myself as healthy, intelligent and sane
Control my life so carefully I slowly suffocate
My hands are full of blood but my heart is full of gold
I'm law and I'm religion, I never can grow old
I've crowned myself my own king and Mother Earth's my throne
I'm longing for the sunlight, I'm heading for the moon
I'm turning in a circle but I think I'm moving on
I live here and I die here within a single breath
I'm body and I'm spirit, I'm saved and condemned
Now you know my name
Now you know who I am
I am you, you are me
My name is Man
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Album: "Crash-landing" (1999)



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