Artiola Toska - Duje Vjehrren Krejt Si Nanen (English translation)


Duje Vjehrren Krejt Si Nanen

Me at sebep na thot vjerra
E kam nusen si pranvera
Nusen e kam yll-ja
Nuk ka goj e llafe ska*
Pa kalu hala mir vapa
Dardha paska bishin mrapa*
Se I paska jeta kto
Mos e raft se ske ci bo
Mir me vjerren
Mir me burrin
Llafi mir zbut dhe gurin*
Meri punet urt e but*
Trriqe penin mos e kput*
Ska si vjerra ne shtepi
Te ben drek e t’rrit femi
Dhe kur nxhet per hic gjo
Boj dhe ti sikur s’nigjo
Amanet na e kan lon
Vjerren maje krejt si non
Merre punen qet e qet*
Shkon me vjerren 100 vjet
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English translation

Love your mother in law like you love your mother

for that reason tells my mother in law
my (sons) bride is like spring
my bride is a star
she doesn't have a mouth, no words (meaning: doesn't talk back, or gossip)
still without passing the hot weather
the pear has it's tail in the back* (meaning: "what goes around comes around, you'll get what you deserve)
'cause these things are apart of life
don't hurt her 'cause there's nothing you can do about it
nice with a mother in law
nice with a husband
a good word melts also the rock (meaning: a good word goes a long way)
take your work shy and soft (meaning: be patient)
don't rip the string off (meaning: ?)
there is no other like a mother in law in her house
she makes lunch and raises your kids
and she matches up to anything
act like you don't no a thing
she left her trust (will)
keep your mother in law like your own mother
take the job silently (meaning: be calm about things)
you last with your mother in law 100 years
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