Voltio - El Mellao (English translation)

English translation

El Mellao

good sticked-thinking that the word is pegado
baby good addicted
Walking in the street ...............
quiet and tired by the work
When this ............... passes to my side
What a beautiful face,what a beautiful walking style
Two or three steps and she made me to look back
............look there
i saw a thing that made me astonished
i was having lunch by sitting?
and i shouted how on earth this gap-toothed chews
then it was that the confussion started
She thought that i shouted to her
and i wouldn't know why she turned back and hit my head
look stupid,dirty,nerve
baby do it if i deserve
only those things that happen to me
by shouting him the coro says like this
how on earth this gap-toothed chews
i have looked for a big problem
how this toothless chews
he doesn't have teeth but he opens like a ............
let out whay you have guarded
be careful baby there comes the rude
taking two chicks ?
reggateon bronze,in order to move the bombon
what there is a joke,fantastic without a fight
in the street,disco and in the balcoon
or in the .............in the matress
let out whay you have guarded
here comes Julio Voltio singing the mellao
the opportunist doesn't sleep
Coro 2
The toothless is with many women
listen abuser miss user?, after you feed her you hang her?
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