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/ you see the other half of the sun as it sets in west
/i am sitting here alone, wondering about where we are going to end up next
/with you on the other side of the eart, im not able to find time to (do) anything
/while the night comes, blue cold shadows "falls" around
/ we should be able survive whatever comes, we should never say no
/and what you "trust upon me", i shall "trust upon you"
/there is a storm coming tonight, search and confess
/ the son of god will come down from the heavens again
/ you will stand naked in front of the truth, and all the dilemmas of the world
/ he is going to test your strength, he is going to test your your moral
/ we stand silent in front of the point, where summer ends
/ as teenagers on our way home from yesterdays debut
/now nothing would ever be like before, we were in another division
/ we could hear the dark water of fall (as in the season) roar beneath the bridge
/ and just now, i got to listen to your laughter
/ and it told me, you missed me tonight, i missed you as well
/ it is so quiet down the street, where its usually never quiet
/ its like the night have seen everything, and quietly sings along
/ an elegy for all the sorrows this fall is about
/ for a mother that "fell asleep" (she never woke up again), for the child that never came
/ for the shadow above the garden, where the sun never shined
/ for a silence between the walls, that cut through cement
/two pair of eyes in emptiness from september to advent
/ for a man that went to work, like nothing had happened
/ for the women that said that everything is broken, everything is burned
/ an elegy for all the paths we never took
/ for a time that only passes, and will never come again
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Fary    Sat, 04/02/2017 - 20:09

The original lyrics have been edited and a missing line ("För en ork som inte fanns, du sakna min, jag sakna din") has been added, so could you check your translation?