F.K.Ü. - The Pit And The Poser

  • Artist: F.K.Ü.
  • Album: Where Moshers Dwell (track 05)
  • Translations: German

The Pit And The Poser

Stand in the back, you try to look cool
Reality check! You look like a fool
You try to hide but we'll seek you out
And teach you what thrashing's all about
You're not the first, we know your kind
We'll penetrate your unwilling mind
Become a moshoholic, no use to refuse
There's no excuse
And now it's up to you
Beaten bloody, black and blue
Nothing left for you to prove
Except your ability to move
The pit the poser
The poser and the pit
Do dare come closer
You know you want to, just admit it!
The pit the poser
The poser and the pit
Do dare come closer
Even if you get hit, there's no way we'll let you quit!
We know you wanna, time to realize
You've got it in you, we see it in your eyes
Time to make a choice and stop pretending
Because this shit is never-ending
Once you're addicted there's no way out
Four finger salute! You scream and shout
When the horror and the metal takes control
The evil ünderwear has taken its toll
We know what thrashing's all about
You push and shove and we scream and shout!
Moshoholics, we must stand as one
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