Fadl Shaker - Faker Lma T2olli (فاكر لما تقوللي) (English translation)

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remmber when you tell me

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remmber when you tell me i wont run after you and i wont die for your love
and i wont beg you go baby with thousned peace go and the heart is with you
take your nights with you i wont wait for you i have no time to live for nothing
go and let your heart stay away from me don't talk to me you didn't feel me or loved me and god compensate us
go and don't dare to come close yo me i wont call you wipe of your tears you don't own me
why make confucius a story and this is my end with you
walk enough year with me it passed in fornt of my eyes but i know and our gad see d god
thanks so much for the precious time i wasted you time i'm sorry for loving you it's my mistake to believe you
you think when you leave me i will be hurt no i will be happy and what's broken will be fix
you don't deserve a muinte living for you
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Faker Lma T2olli (فاكر لما تقوللي)

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