Lars Winnerbäck - Faller (English translation)

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Stockholm 02, May and beautiful weather
I no longer notice what's being done
I'm annoyed by a sound that can't be heard
This city's dressed in the Emperor's New Clothes
All around
I no longer sell anything, closed the shop
I'm not annoyed by a commercial
The painting's a spot with a colorful frame
I give up, I don't care about being disappointed
Like you said
It's time to leave
'Cos we're falling, falling, falling
I no longer listen, I close the window
Nothing's worth it, that doesn't give hope
I no longer run your race
I'm staying, don't see a place for me in the pattern
I'm hiding
I defend myself
When summer comes I escape across the ocean
Where no one knows, where no one comes in
But summer dies and my restlessness is mine
During winter I'm hidden at the back of the bar
Time passes
Month, year
I'm falling, falling, falling
We're falling, falling, falling
Stockholm 02, May and twilight sets in
I'm hoping for an unplayed card
I'm trusting an untold word
My desire's free, but my freedom's behind bars
Go with me
To another country
'Cos we're falling, falling, falling
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