Fatalna ljubav (English translation)

English translation

Fatal Love

I love you even if you're in Paris
If you'd go to New York, you'd be near me
I love you even if you're in London
cause even in London you're in my ...?
That that that's that fatal love
because of it i'm not normal anymore
that that that's that culmination (peak/top)
all others are its copy
I love you even if you are in China
cause you have put a spell on my heart (just guessing with this sentence)
when you're in a boat, train, airplane
I spend those days hanging on the phone
I love you even if it damages me
Cause those feelings suit my heart
Even if you spend your time on earth with another woman
I love you even if it's my loss
Submitted by NPazarka on Mon, 29/12/2008 - 09:00

Fatalna ljubav

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