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    Hadschi Halef Omar → English translation

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Hadschi Halef Omar

They moved through the wild Kurdistan
Who often had stared death in the face
They rode side by side
Were friends for life
Hadschi was the little man
His master was Kara Ben Nemsi
His turban
It was much too big for him
His horse looked
as if it could hardly walk
but when he fought
The laughter of his enemies quickly disappeared
Because he was a man!
a Man!
a Man!
a Man!
And when their heads had already hung in the noose
then Hadschi knew ways to get out of it/rescue them
and everyone was on the ground
He stood laughing next to them
His Prophet Mohammed
and Allah has helped him
He swung the sword like a Desert Son
He rode faster than the devil and the wind
the yearning drove him forward
on towards great freedom
Because he was a man!
a Man!
a Man!
a Man!
Through the Valley of Death and from Baghdad to Istanbul
in the sunshine
They traveled
looking for adventure on the trail
He and his friend
Through the cold starry-night and the hot sand
They were free
They rode and already from the distance someone has recognized him
There comes:
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Hadschi Halef Omar

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