2raumwohnung - Ich denk an... (English translation)

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Ich denk an...

I think of you
I can’t help it
At ever street corner I stop
Was soll ich machen
Meine Gedanken wollen sich nur um dich drehen
I see you
In every picture
All colors become your face
I hear you
In every tone
There’s not a single sound without you
Und all die Menschen die vorubergehen seh`ich nicht
Wie du wohl aussiehst
Hier in dem hellen Sonnenlicht
Wo niemand ist
Du wartest hinter jeder Tur
Ich hore dich
When everything is silent
Your voice is foerver sounding in me
I am with you
You’re close to me
I simply wish
You’d be here
About your hair
it’s longer, isn’t it
Wo bist du gerade
Vielleicht lachst du oder sprichst
In another time
I don’t know anymore what time it is
I hear you no matter how far away
Since you’re the most beautiful ringing
Now I stand here
And sing for you
A love song
I did not want this
Submitted by Steena on Thu, 09/10/2008 - 21:00

Ich denk an...

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Coopysnoopy    Thu, 20/10/2016 - 08:45

Please listen to the Original lyrics and adapt your translation, please!

Btw: if you haven't got a German keyboard you may use
"oe" for "ö"
"ae" for "ä"
"ue" for "ü"
"ss" for "ß" - in the future! I would be really delighted.
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