Je me suis trompée (English translation)

  • Artist: Ginette Reno (Ginette Raynault)
  • Song: Je me suis trompée
  • Translations: English
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I was mistaken

I was wrong about you
You're not the one that I think (you are)
I was wrong about you
wrong about the law, [wrong] about the king
wrong about (my) love(r)
[wrong] about the hour, [wrong] about the day
It's no longer the same fire
[It's] no longer the same place
Is it still the two of us
that I come across at night
in the desert of a large bed
Is it you and me
that couple there
that I see in the morning
in a darkening mirror (lit.: a mirror that extinguishes itself)
Two frozen images, as if erased
All gestures are there
Similar to those we made
And all words are really those that we said
But the same melody no longer has the same magic
It is as if we sell rain
Come blow [upon] the end of a summer (I'm not sure what is meant here, but I think the image of blowing out a cancle is conjured)
Is this still the two of us
that couple there that have nothing more to say [to each other]
that no long know how to suffer
I was wrong about you
[wrong] about us, [wrong] about everything
The curtain falls (in fact it says: has just fallen)
and the prayer has ended
It is time that I go back home
I was mistaken, mistaken about you.
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Je me suis trompée

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