Marios Frangoulis - Kemal (English translation)

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"listen" now to the story of Kemal
a young prince of the east
descendant of Sinbad the mariner
who believed he would "change" the world
but, bitter are the "intents" (plans, designs) of Allah
and "dark" the souls of humankind
in the Eastern "parts", once upon a time
the "purse" was empty, the water "stagnatory"
at Mossouli, at Vassora, at the old "palm-tree"
(being) bitter, are crying now, the desert's children
and a young lad, of (noble) breed and royal lineage
"realized" the lament and headed for "there"
the Bedhouins look at him, with (a) sad "aspect"
and (an) "oath" to Allah, (the lad) gives them, that "times will be achanging"
as soon as the "lords" heard, of the lad's "fearlessness"
"commence", with (the) wolf's "tooth" amd with (the) lion's "hide"
from "Tiger" (river) to "Eyphrates" (river), and from the earth to the sky
(the "lords") "hunt-down" the "defector", (so as) to "catch" him "alive"
the "hords", "fall upon" him, like "unrestrained" (furious) dogs
and take him to the "khalif", to "put the noose" (around his neck)
black honey, black milk, (the lad) drank that morning
before "bequeathing", on the gallows, his very last "breath"
with two old camels, with a reddish "steed"
at heaven's gates, the prophet awaits
(the prophet and the lad) "set-off", now, hand-in-hand and (all) around (an) "overcast"
but, the star of Damaskus, was "keeping" (the prophet and the lad) "company"
in a month's (time), in a year's (time), (the prophet and the lad) "see" before them, Allah
that, from his "high" throne, "says" to "senseless" Sinbad :
"beaten-up" "cherub" of mine, times are not achanging
by "fire" and by "knife", eternally the world "advances"
goodnight Kemal, "this" world will never be "achanging"
goodnight ...
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Guest    Sun, 12/04/2009 - 11:12

Thanks for the translation; it's great to understand the lyrics of this wonderful song.