Adnan Şenses - Koyumun Yagmurlari (English translation)


Koyumun Yagmurlari

Eğer ölürsem buralarda
Eğer benim için ağlayan biri varsa baş ucumda
Eğer ölürsem buralarda
Vasiyetimdir beni götürsünler doğduğum topraklara
Beni köyümün yağmurlarında yıkasınlar
Baş ucumda biten yediverenleri ah aşıklar koklasınlar. (x2)
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English translation

The Rain of my village

If I die in this area
If there is someone crying for me, in front of the my dead body
If I die in this area
My will is they must take my dead body to lands where I was born
I want they to wash my body by the rain of my village
Let the lovers smell the flowers on my grave
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Guest    Fri, 06/03/2009 - 21:54

this translation helped so much, thank you. i have been trying to find the translations for such a long time. now that i have found them it makes the song more meaningful to me.