Calle 13 - La Jirafa (English translation)

English translation

La Jirafa

Plant your feet like two roots
With that strut
You might bewitch me
That I not step on you
Girl, cautiously
Brush off the cloth
In the name of your grandmother
My little cinnamon
My little sugar
My lovely Sara
My little hurricane-like storm
My Santa Clara
I won't let anything strange step all over you
I will light the candles so that nothing happens to you
Here there are no knives
Or guns
Here there is
Plenty, plenty
Mucha cacerola
Aqui hay mucho sol
Muchas playas
Muchas olas
Aqui todo es melaza
Nada de pangola
Te vo'a pintar la playa
Azul crayola
Que vamonos
Que fuimonos
Que en yola
Si no hay yola
Lo seguimos de rola
So that
Veas como flota tu cola
When I saw you
I got plenty of jitters
It was like having
Forty ants
Scratching my belly
You know
Tu sabes
Me llevaste el pantalon tu ere una pilla
Vamo'a embarrarnos en una tortilla
Let's make shakes mixed with natilla
I'll eat your wood
With everything even moths
She eeee eeee
Ella eeee eeee
I want to see
The whole giraffe
I want her to kick me
To see who gets loose
Stirring the dough
I want four cups
Of carrots with squash
You're taking me
To fly around the countryside
Detached from the floor
Walking on stilts
With a basket of patanco
To walk on top of the boats
Until I get to your mountain range
Where the quack heals me of everything
But there are rumors
That you are
The fortune of all the colors
A vegetable garden full of beans
Plenty of necklaces adorned with coral
Your name appeared in three of my cards
The comets told me so
That I get in
All the way in without any valve
That I go on the trip
Without any luggage
To go all the way around
The whole planet
On a mat
Zapateala suela
Vamo'a enrroscar la arandela
Dame un poco de nutella
Contigo yo me voy sin na
A capela
She eeee eeee
Ella eeee eeee
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