La città vecchia (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: La città vecchia 6 translations
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La citta vecchia

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In the districts where the sun of the good God does not send its rays
it has already too much work to do to warm the people of other neighborhoods
a little girl sings the old song of a bad woman (****)
what you still don't know, you'll only learn here between my arms.
And if at her age her competence will not be good enough
soon she will affine her abilities with her experience
where have the old times gone for Giunone (this is also the name of goddess Hera)
when doing your job required some talent (vocation).
A leg here, another one there, bloated of wine
four pensioners almost drunk sit round the table
you'll find them there, anytime, summer and winter
drinking and cursing the women, the time and the Government.
The are looking for happiness, there, inside a glass
in order to forget they are stuck there sitting
they will be happy even in the agony because of the strong wine
the will carry on their face the shadow of a smile between the arms of death.
Old teacher, what are you looking for in front of that door
maybe she is the only one that could give you a lesson
the one you call in daytime a public wife.
The one that at night sets a price for your desires.
You'll search for her, you'll call her more than one night
you'll wake up undone resending everything to 27th
when you'll cash in, you'll spend half of your pension (money)
10.000 Italian liras to hear her saying to you: "beautiful and sweet kitten"
If you'll walk down the old piers
In that air often full of salt and of bad smells
there you'll find the thiefs, the killers and that strange guy
that sold his mother to a dwarf for 3000 liras.
If you'll think about it, if you'll judge it
as a good citizen
you'd condemn them to 5000 years of prison adding the costs
but if you'll understand, if you'll investigate even deeper
if they are not lillys (flowers) , they are still sons
victims of this world.
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La città vecchia

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