Leyla min layaly (ليلة من الليالي) (English translation)

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Leyla min layaly (ليلة من الليالي)

ليله من الليالي يا ريتك تجيني
كل شي في بالي اشوفه بعيني
عمري لو نسيتك حبيبي ثواني
انسى فيها روحي يا مالك سنيني
انا بستناك يا حبيبي حياتي كلها
ولا حتى ثنيه في بعدك عني عشتها
انا فكره كل كلمه ليا قلتها
حتى في عيونك كل نظره عشتها
علمة قلبي يدوب ويعشق الهوى
انا كل املي نعيشها دنيتنا سوا
بقلوبنا تتمنى الحياه مع بعضيها
ولا يوم تفرقنا السنين واحنا سوا
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English translation

Leyla min layaly

a night from nights i wish you would come to me
all that in my mind is to see you by my eyes
darling if i had been forget you one second
it means that i had forget my soul ,you are my life's owner
Im waiting for you darling my whole life
I never lived any second while you were far from me
I remember every word you had been said to me
even in your eyes ,i loved every glance
you learned my heart how to melt and how to adore the love
all my hope is to live our life together
and our hearts also hope to live our life together
and never get separated by years while we are together
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