Mia Stigmi (Μια Στιγμή) (English translation)

English translation

One moment

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In your secret palace
In your sweet eyes
Enclose me only for one night
To not feel pain
Black ink
Is giving me from the night and I'm writing on a paper
You've forget about me only tonight
And I'm searching for the reason
To die, me that loves you, loves you, loves you
One moment together with you, one moment
Is worth for one life
And even more
One moment only one moment
If I would meet
With you even though I'd die
In your silky body
In your sweet kiss
Hide me for just a little moment
Not to freeze...
Submitted by ooNIAoo on Fri, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Mia Stigmi (Μια Στιγμή)