Hasna - Marsoul El Hob (مرسول الحب) (English translation)

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Marsoul el hob

oh love messenger,where did you go?where did yougo off sight?
i'm afraid you forgot about us,left us and swore not to come back
since the love was missing between us and you watered us from its source
in the name of love and the depth and the hottest longings
if i beg you ,ask about us,come back to us,the silence remains but our songs speak
oh love messenger you took so long this time
and the hearts of lovers while you're away are desert
they are not moved by a new feeling ,nor a flower is planted in
it opens up with the fragrance and consoles who stayed in strangeness
and lost in a night without a moon
oh i suffer from the world of lovers
the leaves has faded away
where they're melting in the night of love
where they're melting with the fire of separation
inthe name of love and the flames of longings
come oh love messenger we missed you oh love messenger
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Marsoul El Hob (مرسول الحب)

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