مثلت الحب (Massalt El 7ob) (English translation)

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Massalt El 7ob

you acted that u love me and i believed you
and you knew how to affect me and now i adore you
now why do you go away... and what do you want me to do for you?
i loved you even when you lied and i used to believe these lies
this means that now you aren't my lover and i'm not your lover
this means that now you aren't mine and i'm not yours
tell me how can my eyes see you and don't love you
tell me how can i touch your hands and don't feel you
tell me how come my love, how come you are in front of me day and night
and you want me to forget you, how come?!!
you thought only about yourself because you can
and my love you forgot to feel that i can't
you are going away and where are you going, and this love you left behind... for whom?
i hope you revise your heart before it loses the best years
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مثلت الحب (Massalt El 7ob)

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