Matt Nathanson - Bulletproof Weeks


Bulletproof Weeks

Somewhere in between
The beginning and the end
September took the tourist
And settled in for good
You could hear the trains again
Brooklyn girls in scarves
Summer left and no one said a word
We'd open your window
Stay in your bed
All day 'til the street lights came on
So what happened to bulletproof weeks in your arms?
What happened to feeling cheap radio songs?
What happened to thinking the world was flat?
What happened to that?
Up on 59th street
Right before the rain
Lovers catching taxis going downtown
I'm talking to what's left of you
Watching what I say
Counting all the freckles on your perfect face
You open your window
And I stay on your bed
Just hoping that right words will come
[Chorus: x2]
Its all gone, love, it's all wrong
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