Amani Swissi - Min Waraya (من ورايا) (English translation)


Min Waraya (من ورايا)

من ورايا
وببقى عارفة
وببقى فاهمة
كل حاجة
من ورايا
وكتير بفوت
كتير بموت
اي شك يجيني فيك
ده انا ياما عشت ساكته
شفت بعينيي شيء مش طبيعي
وقلت لسه
اديله فرصه
بكره هـيبقى انسان طبيعي
انا بس خايفه
اهون عليك
وان بايديك تقسى عليي
واروح منك
واللي تاعبني اوقات كتير
اني بغير
وبخاف يكون ده بقى طبعك
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English translation

Min Waraya

men waraya
i know.. and understand
everything behind my back
and i let go
any doubt about him
i've always lived silent!
while i saw by my one eyes something abnormal
i said no problem.. i will give him a chance
he'll became a normal guy!
i am so scared..
that you get tough on me
and you loose me
and what makes me tired
is that i am jealous... and i am scared that you are used to do this (cheat on her)!
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