Mitten im Paradies (English translation)

English translation

In the middle of Paradise

You came, like a gentle summer rain on the skin.
So strange, and at first glance, totally familiar.
You and I, and no one else.
All around us was a world of light.
In my dream there was only you.
And we wanted but an eternity
- In the middle of Paradise -
A thousand dreams long,
until the end of time.
- In the middle of Paradise -
It may be madness,
what a dream promises.
(Someone), who really loves.
Feels no doubt.
Do not forsake me
- In the middle of Paradise -
I know that my feeling for you will surely last forever
For me, there is no sometime and no maybe
Where are you when the wind itself turns,
My heart asks you, What happens next?
And will you remain until the storm itself passes?
Heaven on Earth,
can be reality.
If we understand the sign
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Mitten im Paradies

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