Mozes imat moje tijelo (English translation)

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You Can Have My Body

Where I`m born everything is poor
Where we live the wolf is domestic animal
Cheap soil doesn`t feed anybody
You`ll have to work abroad to survive
I have walked around in the foreigner countries
I have dreamed about beloved woman
When I came back from work
I looked how she grows
I tought I could by happyness with money
I sorted out the thing with her father
I carried her over the doorstep
I tought that she would be my darling
She told me the first night, she told me everything
You can have my body, but never my soul
The body doesn`t mean anything to me
Near the Banhoff I could find ones like that (Banhof is a place in Amsterdam, Holland = The Red light district is near by, so he means that he could go to the prostitutes for a woman like that)
I really wanted her to love me
And that love isn`t aerobic to her
And when she is with me that she doesn`t hide her look (looking with eyes= to watch)
That she doesn`t look somewhere else
Holding around each other when the dawn breakes
That we would be one
For a long time she couldn`t get pregnant
We didn`t have children
Our dayes went slowly
And for the dinner when we would sit down alone
She got ill, and the God took the bride
Forever I remember her last tears
And the whispers: "You are a hard working man,
But the life, the life is poor..."
Možeš imat moje tijelo, ali dušu ne
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Mozes imat moje tijelo

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